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Letter to a Young Mom Asking For Another View After Conversation with a Liberal Acquaintance Rob (on the then Presidential candidacy of Barack Obama in 2008) Part IV of IV

Letter to a Young Mom Asking For Another View After Conversation with a Liberal Acquaintance Rob (on the then Presidential candidacy of Barack Obama in 2008) Part IV of IV


In the end Young Mom, this is a choice between support for individual liberty or increasing concentration of power in the state.  John McCain supports a government that recognizes its limitations in securing life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for its people.  Senator Obama believes that the government should be the source of that happiness.  The liberal fascism of Senator Obama is smiley face fascism.  Senator Obama sees the state as the principal force in the lives of American citizens.  He would have the state control your healthcare, education, energy production, and finances.  Senator McCain proposes a state that protects the right of an individual to life (certainly after they are born), ensures the security of the United States, and provides individuals the ability to make choices in their healthcare, finances, and education.  Senator Obama has built his campaign on class warfare, promising wealth redistribution through tax increases (on the “rich) and tax credits (for the 40% of Americans not paying taxes) which cannot be supported based on his proposed spending.  The last person to take an economy the likes which we are currently experiencing and employ the economic practices Senator Obama advocates was Herbert Hoover.  Hoover’s policies quickly thrust America into the Great Depression.

John McCain has served his nation nobly during war and peace.  His military service is well documented.  His legislative history is one of determination to form alliances and move legislation in a bipartisan manner.  Honestly, this has been much to my chagrin.  I have completely disagreed with him on some of these efforts…McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy and McCain-Lieberman.  His leadership on Iraq, however, has been impressive, and his commitment to reform spending in DC is critical at this time.  Barack Obama has no serious accomplishments to speak of.  He appears to have been at best a mediocre community organizer.  He rose through the ranks of Chicago politics through the mentorship of a number of unsavory sponsors, including Wright, Pfleger, Ayers, Dohrn, Rezko, and Meeks.  He was undistinguished as an Illinois legislator and remains so as a US Senator.  Despite lofty claims, he has never demonstrated a willingness to reach across the aisle on anything of significance.  Senator Obama votes with his party 97% of the time.  In addition he has the distinction of being the most liberal Senator in the Senate.  This is quite an accomplishment.  Senator Obama is even left of Bernie Sanders, the only avowed socialist in the Senate.  No doubt Senator Obama is capable of delivering soaring oratory and is a good debater, but what qualifies him for the Presidency Young Mom?    

While there are enough differences in core philosophy for most Americans to arrive at a preference amongst these two candidates, there is another critical factor at play here.  Character matters in choosing a President.   Neither McCain nor Obama is a perfect man.  However, there is a staggering lack of transparency on the part of the Obama candidacy.  Senator Obama has weaved a tangled web of radical associations over the course of his life.  How can it be that there is a twenty year gap in significant knowledge about the activities of Senator Obama from his time at Occidental to his time in the Illinois legislature?  This man wants to be President.  We have a right to know this history.

Rob reports words and deeds do matter.  Rob says, however, he has seen nor heard nothing from Senator Obama that “insinuates that his views on patriotism were informed by Ayers, or his views on race were informed by Jeremiah Wright, or his views on politics by ACORN.”  Senator Obama has attempted to make his own race an issue numerous times in this campaign, not John McCain.  Senator Obama has stated that "there's no doubt that when it comes to our treatment of Native Americans as well as other persons of color in this country, we've got some very sad and difficult things to account for," and he has described his grandmother as a “typical white person” regarding a comment she made which he felt was racist.  This is in addition to spending twenty years in a BLT church, giving ACORN $800,000 and describing our military efforts in Afghanistan as “air raiding villages and killing innocent civilians.”  That’s for starters.  I’m not exactly sure what would need to be said to Rob to provide evidence that Senator Obama has some serious explaining to do regarding radical tendencies and character concerns.  So what we do know is disturbing enough, and if there is nothing to hide, why will Senator Obama not fully detail and release records related to two decades of his life?  More importantly, why has the media not done its duty and properly vetted Senator Obama?  Added to character concerns is the thuggish conduct of the Obama campaign, including support of ACORN and questionable campaign financing practices.

Rob reports that Senator Obama is “visionary”, “even tempered”, “charismatic” and has a “transformative will on domestic and global issues”.  Where are the Obama accomplishments that support any of these assertions?  Rob offers no support for such lofty descriptors.  That said, it is somewhat disconcerting that the qualities noted by Rob have been shared by the great liberal fascist leaders of the past…Woodrow Wilson, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao.  All proposed state centered solutions which sacrificed individual liberty on the state altar, some literally, some figuratively. 

There is much to consider in this election, and the bias of mainstream media makes it essential that voters use all information sources available to them.  Cruising the candidate’s websites, as Rob recommends, is informative.  The thoughtful voter needs to do much more, however.  Liberal views are endlessly streamed in the mainstream media on newsstands, in airports, and on major networks.  If you want balance Young Mom,  add Fox News to your regular cable lineup.  Despite what liberal bloggers at Daily Kos and Huffington Post may say, Fox is balanced; it might appear relatively conservative to some when measured against the liberal skew from other media outlets.  Consider visiting some of the sites referenced in this letter.  My hope is that you have the opportunity to give your vote the consideration it deserves.  Time is short, however, and in this election voters will make a momentous judgment in the course they wish America to take.     

This election, Young Mom, is a contest between well defined ideologies, conservatism and socialism.  Both candidates have made their positions clear.  We all have a choice to make.  We may elect to reject the tradition that has made this nation great, a tradition committed to the pursuit of individual liberty, free society, free markets and a constitutional republic which recognizes limits of the power of government.  Some may choose a vision which views the state as the arbiter of all rights and societal well being.  History is replete with examples of what leaders of states do when afforded this opportunity.  When all power is handed to the state, although technically composed of individuals, the state takes on a life of its own.  The state reflexively seeks greater extremes of control. Young Mom, the socialist tendencies of Barrack Obama will find no modulation in potentially the most liberal Congress this nation has ever known.    Ultimately, socialism seeks the destruction of democracy.  It may come in the form of a smiley face, offering great oratory, but it seeks an absolute monarchy of power.

Senator Obama has framed his campaign as one that fights for legitimate aims, while the defenders of democracy and the republic are painted as repressive reactionaries.  He has attempted to picture his campaign as one with the forces of progress, legitimacy and even peace, while trying to discredit and paralyze the citizens who are only trying to preserve our tradition and heritage.  In Senator Obama we are offered a candidate with no executive accomplishments, no demonstrated leadership ability, a history of radical and anti-American relationships, a career built on old time, corrupt Chicago politics, a socialist vision for the United States and a worldview which minimizes or ignores the significant strategic challenges facing us today.       

Young Mom, as a conservative, I can tell you that John McCain was not my first choice for a Republican candidate.  He is a good and honest man though.  He has sacrificed much for his country.  He understands the foundation this nation was built on and he advocates principled solutions that are in keeping with that foundation.  John McCain is determined to make sure that our children continue to enjoy the same liberties and freedoms we have been blessed with in this greatest of nations.  In the challenging times before us America needs a leader who understands the difficult choices a democracy must make to sustain its existence.  Only a tiny minority of the human race has ever experienced democracy.  This grand experiment in our nation has only existed for a little over two hundred years, and is hardly a historical footnote.  My prayer is that conscientious voters will consider the internal and external threats to this great American experiment.  From Thomas Paine, “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.”

As American citizens, we are the beneficiaries of a harvest reaped from the sacrifices of generations gone before us.  Should this dream be wagered on the bankrupt political philosophy of a mediocre community organizer?  Or should we entrust this dream to an American patriot whose life is built on service to his nation and a realization that the “cause of America is, in a great measure, the cause of all mankind?”

I pray we choose wisely.


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