Sunday, May 31, 2009

Defining Terrorism and Capitalizing on Crisis

George Tiller, a Kansas physician whose Women's Health Care Services clinic in Witchita has been one of only three clinics in the United States that performs late-term abortions, was murdered today in the lobby of his church. The gunmen is in custody. Tiller was previously survived a shooting in 1993 by an anti-abortion assailant. A family practitioner by training, Tiller's practice has been devoted to abortion since the late 1970s. Tiller’s website reports "more experience in late abortion than anyone else." The website also documents his experience in partial birth abortions, citing that over 60,000 such procedures have been performed in his clinic.

Tiller recently was tried on 19 misdemeanor counts stemming from charges that he broke Kansas law requiring approval from two physicians that a late term abortion was medically indicated. Tiller had hired Dr. Ann Neuhaus to serve as his regular second opinion in such cases. He was acquitted of the charges which all related to Tiller having an improper financial arrangement with Dr. Neuhaus. From Audrey Barris at The Christian Post, “Despite the acquittal, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts released a statement saying it plans to move forward with a disciplinary petition the board filed against Tiller last December. The petition includes 11 allegations, including performing an abortion on a fetus that was viable without having a documented referral from another physician not legally or financially affiliated with him; unprofessional or dishonorable conduct or professional incompetency; and commitment of acts likely to deceive, defraud or harm the public.”

George Tiller was an evil man, but no one I know would have wished him killed and all leadership groups in the pro-life movement have condemned his murder.

It’s been 11 years since Eric Rudolph bombed a Birmingham abortion clinic and Dr. Barnett Slepian was killed in Buffalo. There have been no other episodes of assault on abortion providers reported by the National Abortion Federation since then. That hasn't stopped abortion supporters from painting pro-life supporters with the broad brush. From Huffington Post today, a comment representative of hundreds, "These home-grown right-wing extremists pose the most serious terrorist threat that we face." Yes, despite ongoing attacks and the killing of 2974 by Muslim terrorists on September 11th, pro-life extremists, responsible for the murders of possibly eight individuals working at abortion clinics over the 36 year history of the Roe decision, are absolutely the greatest terrorist threat this nation faces.

Unfortunately we can't get opinions of the 16,000,000 unborn infants aborted since the first of seven reprehensible murders of abortion clinic staff occurred in 1993. I suspect that these infants might differ with the Huff Po crowd, however, regarding the efforts of the pro-life movement. Millions of pro-life supporters are committed to peaceful, legal activities which have protected many human lives from the threats of abortion, infanticide, and euthnasaia. Nevertheless, the Tiller murder will be cited as prima-facie evidence by liberals and abortion supporters that the pro-life movement is home for hateful, dangerous domestic terrorist types.

While he did rescind the Mexico City policy, President Obama has had little to say specifically about the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) since assuming office, though I suspect few believe he has forgotten his pre-election promise to Planned Parenthood. On his much vaunted One Hundred Days Press Conference the President stated:

Now, the Freedom of Choice Act is not highest legislative priority. I believe that women should have the right to choose. But I think that the most important thing we can do to tamp down some of the anger surrounding this issue is to focus on those areas that we can agree on. And that's — that's where I'm going to focus.
In his Notre Dame speech the President, ala Saul Alinsky, speaking at what years ago had been a center of American Catholicism, did his level best to polarize Catholics. Church teaching clearly states that abortion is a staggering evil, but the President knows that a significant number of American Catholics have been persuaded that the the seamless garment of social justice is an equally acceptable, more reasoned and evolved approach to meeting the faith demands of Catholicism. Unfortunately it requires abandonding the Magisterium and key elements of the Catholic faith.
At Notre Dame the President said:

The question then…the question then is how do we work through these conflicts? Is it possible for us to join hands in common effort? As citizens of a vibrant and varied democracy, how do we engage in vigorous debate? How does each of us remain firm in our principles, and fight for what we consider right, without, as Father John said, demonizing those with just as strongly held convictions on the other side?

It is very possible that a pro-life supporter, absolutely distraught with the recent verdict in the Tiller case and Tiller's ability to continue an abortion practice which specializes in late term abortions, carried out this heinous crime. The timing of this act in relation to the President's comments at Notre Dame, however, creates the potential for a perfect storm.

The President’s first few months have seen him successfully push a statist agenda which has led to a drop in public support. One can only hope more Americans seriously question the "change" they voted for in November, but with a drop in public approval and the need to press “reform” in healthcare and energy, abortion has been forced to the back burner. The murder of one of the world's most notorious abortionists, in his church, possibly by a pro-life supporter, adds enormous fuel to the smoldering inferno that is the abortion debate in this nation. This is a watershed moment not only in the abortion debate, but possibly in the discussion of domestic terrorism. No doubt strategists are busy right now trying to determine how best the murder of George Tiller can advance the abortion agenda of the White House. I suspect Secretary Napolitano is having Department of Homeland Security personnel print extra copies of her favorite publication, "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment" tonight, in preparation for operations targeting national pro-life organizations and their members in the morning.

Many on the left are already labeling this act terrorism. From Kim Gandy, the president of the National Organization for Women, “We call on the new attorney general Eric Holder and head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to treat these murders in the same way they would treat politically-motivated domestic terrorism of any other kind and put the full resources of their two departments behind that effort.” Attorney General Holder has responded:

The murder of Doctor George Tiller is an abhorrent act of violence, and his family is in our thoughts and prayers at this tragic moment. Federal law enforcement is coordinating with local law enforcement officials in Kansas on the investigation of this crime, and I have directed the United States Marshals Service to offer protection to other appropriate people and facilities around the nation. The Department of Justice will work to bring the perpetrator of this crime to justice. As a precautionary measure, we will also take appropriate steps to help prevent any related acts of violence from occurring.

Before the Obama administration labels the Tiller murder terrorism, we might review a few other events (of many) from the last few years which have twisted political leaders and mainstream media into semantic pretzels. On July 28, 2006, on the eve of the Jewish Sabbath, Naveed Haq, a Muslim of Pakistani origin, forced a 14-year-old girl to get him into the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle building by holding a gun to her back. He then pulled out the two large-caliber semi-automatic pistols he had just purchased and went on a murderous rampage. Mr. Haq killed one woman, Pam Waechter, 58, an assistant director at the federation, and injured five others, one of whom was 17 weeks pregnant. This rampage was classified as a “hate” crime, despite statements by Mr. Haq during the siege that included “I am a Muslim American. I am angry at Israel.” Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels said, "This was a purposeful, hateful act, as far as we know by an individual acting on his own." The prosecutor in the case added, "there is no evidence the shooting itself was an act of terrorism".

On March 3, 2006, Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, 22, an Iranian immigrant, drove a sport utility vehicle into a crowded pedestrian zone at the University of North Carolina. He struck nine people but, fortunately, none were severely injured. Despite remarks after his arrest that included that he acted to "avenge the deaths of Muslims around the world", UNC Chancellor James Moeser stated, "As we have investigated this, we've come more and more to the conclusion that this was one individual acting alone in a criminal act." The initial NY Times report on the incident didn’t even mention Taheri-azar’s jihadi diatribes or the fact that he was a devout Muslim.

When Sulejman Talovic, an 18-year-old Bosnian Muslim immigrant entered the Salt Lake City Trolley Square Mall on February 12th, 2007, he was loaded with enough ammo to “inexplicably” kill dozens of victims — and he would have, if an alert off-duty cop hadn’t returned fire and stopped him. Talovic still managed to methodically murder five and wound four others with a shotgun before he died. Talovic had a histroy of regular mosque attendance, had told several acquaintances his grandfather was part of the jihad in Bosnia and was wearing a Koranic necklace at the time of the shootings. In documents recently released under a Freedom of Information Act request, FBI Special Agent Tim Fuhrman says the FBI does know the attack wasn’t a terrorist attack, as some had speculated. “Clearly, he had some religious beliefs, but just because someone has religious beliefs doesn’t mean anything is a terrorist act”, he said.

Headlines tomorrow will no doubt report on the poisonous and dangerous rhetoric of pro-life supporters which demonizes those on the other side of the debate and encourages violence. We live in a nation in which the murderous acts of Jihadists, stating they are acting in the name of Islam, are called “hate crimes”; we are told that perpertrators of such crimes suffer from mental disorders. We are never under the threat of violent jihadi domestic terrorism. Nothing to see here, move along.

George Tiller will be memorialized as a martyr for women's rights, freedom of choice and a heroic victim of a pro-life movement which is treacherous. For President Obama, going to Cairo this week, September 11th and the string of Jihadi outbursts are "man made disasters" or the criminal actions of mentally deranged individuals. The murder of George Tiller will be characterized as something very different.

Quaere Verum

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time For a Cool Change

What to say about Judge Sotomayor? President Obama had his choice of activist liberal judges who would be easier to confirm and would be more than happy to dance on the Constitution than Judge Sotomayor. None have made comments as radical and discriminatory as her remark that the circuit courts "make policy" and "make law," and her praise of the "wise Latina" as wiser than the average white guy. Her hearings should focus like a laser on her disregard for the Constitution throughout a long legal history.

In the bigger scheme of things, now the conversation is all about a mediocre nominee, racist liberal who replaces a milquetoast liberal on the bench. It is an important appointment for Americans because if Soto is confirmed, we have accepted the living, breathing Constitution. It is an important appointment for the President because she placates Hispanic supporters ignored till now, throws a little red meat to the ultra left and provides yet another diversion for the radicals in the Obama administration to continue the war of change.

Look now, no one is talking about the economy. In fact, some are wowed that the markets are up and consumers are more confident than ever! That may be but the rest of the world is talking about the US losing its Triple A bond rating while gas prices rise and the President plans a takeover of the healthcare (healthcare reform) and energy systems (cap and tax to protect us from global warming, I mean man-made climate change, I mean that evil pollutant CO2). While all this is happening many are brushing off the North Korean (NK) nuclear blast and three missile tests (as of this hour) as more noise from that annoying guy with the bad hair who will always have nuclear aspirations but who is all bluster. Pay no attention to the fact that the NKs are partnered with Iran in pursuit of nuclear ambition, that Iranians are in NK to observe all these tests (and likely supporting NK financially), and that the NKs advised the Syrians in construction of a nuclear reactor destroyed by Israel earlier this year.

Thoughtful people might not only be concerned by these activities but would question who is behind the curtain pulling these strings? It is likely the puppeteers for this show include the Chinese (certainly as far as NK is concerned) and possibly the Russians (engaged with the Iranians and Iran’s other “bestest” friend, Venezuela).

Our fearless leader’s response has been to ignore that phone ringing at 3AM the last two mornings and to call the UN…after he changes his rubber pants in the morning. Offer more concessions, issue the standard “grave concern” message, get to the gym…check….what a way to start a day.

The chaos that has evolved since this Administration took office is astounding. It may be proven to be the result of the incredible ineptitude of the keystone cops we elected, but some of this chaos, perhaps all of it, has been courted by the Obama administration. Telling us we are out of money in one breath this weekend and stating it is a result of our failure to fix healthcare in the next is pure prevarication. Memo to the President…you cannot add $11 trillion to the national debt and expect the presses at the Federal Reserve not to burn out. Healthcare requires attention, not the attention you prescribe by the way, but it is not the reason the world is talking about downgrading us as an economic investment.

Chaos clearly reigns. I love the smell of chaos, it smells like…“change.”

Joe Biden, rarely truthful, always entertaining, was right.

Gird your loins people.

Quaere Verum

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Radicals' Rules

The President spoke at Notre Dame today, and for those who may have missed it, you’ve seen it before. The greatest divider who has ever inhabited the White House continues to run plays from the only book he knows… Saul Alinsky’s classic Rules for Radicals.

Saul Alinsky was the original “community organizer”. Born in Chicago, he began actively “organizing” in the 1930s. Casting himself as the champion of the downtrodden and living a life committed to his quest for social justice, he worked tirelessly initially in the slums of Chicago, and later nationally. Alinsky’s vision of social justice was anti-government, anti-corporate and socialist. From The American Thinker, “In the Orwellian upside-down world of the Left, community organizers disorganize communities. That is the meaning of revolution, to overturn whatever exists today in the raw pursuit of one's own power.” While politically aligned with extreme left, Alinsky’s legacy is less ideological than methodological. He left behind a set of specific rules and guidelines for those who, in the name of the supposedly oppressed, seek power through revolution.

Alinsky formalized his methodologies for community organization in three books he wrote. The Industrial Areas Foundation Training Institute, known as the Alinksy School, backed initially by cash infusions from department store giant Marshall Fields, assured that the Alinsky tradition would thrive. The Alinsky School was the oracle for Barrack Obama’s early mentors in his Chicago organizing days, Mike Kruglik and Jerry Kellman. Other noted followers of the Alinsky way include Bill Ayers and Hillary Clinton. Clinton did her Wellesley thesis on Alinsky and was offerred a job by him after graduation. She opted for law school.

Profound economic injustice was by no means America’s only shortcoming, as Alinsky saw things. Lamenting the nation’s “rather confused and demoralized ideology,” he further identified “unemployment,” “decay,” “disease,” “crime,” “distrust,” “bigotry,” “disorganization,” and “demoralization” as inevitable by-products of life in capitalist America. Such a state of affairs, he said, made life for a majority of Americans nothing more than an exercise in drudgery. “At the end of the week,” said Alinsky of the average American, “he comes out of the hell of monotony with a paycheck and goes home to a second round of monotony…. Monday morning he is back on the assembly line.… That, on the whole, is his life. A routine in which he rots. The dreariest, drabbest, grayest outlook that one can have. Simply a future of utter despair.” People hunger for drama and adventure, for a breath of life in a dreary, drab existence,” he expanded.According to Alinsky, this unhappy existence exerted a profoundly negative influence on the American character. Alinsky perceived most Americans as people who were governed by their prejudices, and who thus felt great antipathy toward a majority of their fellow countrymen -- particularly those of different racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds. This might be familiar to some of us who got beyond change and hope in the last campaign. “Most people,” he said, “like just a few people, and either do not actively care for or actively dislike most of the ‘other’ people.”

As author Richard Poe puts it, “Alinsky viewed revolution as a slow, patient process. The trick was to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties.” Alinsky advised organizers and their disciples to quietly, subtly gain influence within the decision-making ranks of these institutions, and to introduce changes from that platform. But it is not enough for the organizer to be in solidarity with the people. He must also, said Alinsky, cultivate unity against a clearly identifiable enemy; he must specifically name this foe, and “single out” precisely who is to blame for the “particular evil” that is the source of the people’s angst. In other words, there must be a face associated with the people’s discontent. That face, Alinsky taught, “must be a personification, not something general and abstract like a corporation or City Hall.” Rather, it should be an individual such as a CEO, a mayor, or a president.

According to John Perrazo at Front Page, “Having painted a verbal portrait of a thoroughly corrupt and melancholy American society, Alinsky was now prepared to argue that wholesale change of great magnitude was in order.” In his Rules for Radicals Alinsky taught that "truth is mutable and will change from time to time as necessary. “The organizer is in a true sense the highest level for which man can reach - to create, to be a ‘great creator’, to play God.”

Alinsky was a focused, determined, pragmatic and ruthless revolutionary. Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals:

"Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins -- or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

To the subject at hand, President Obama delivers the Commencement Speech at Notre Dame today. Rule number 12 for Alinsky is, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." This roughly translates to cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. A corollary to Rule 12 is to go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.
The President in opening comments, as he did on the campaign trail for months for those willing to listen, as he has continued to do in office, focused on several targets and attempted to isolate and marginalize them using the straw man strategy he has honed to perfection. The President spent a significant portion of his speech on abortion. Before edifying us on the possibilities that exist to unite and resolve this conflict, in the spirit of unification, he made his requisite shout out to the greed mongers responsible for the economic crisis, chastised those who cling to outworn prejudice and fear those who are unfamiliar and then offered this:

“The soldier and the lawyer may both love this country with equal passion, and yet reach very different conclusions on the specific steps needed to protect us from harm. The gay activist and the evangelical pastor may both deplore the ravages of HIV/AIDS, but find themselves unable to bridge the cultural divide that might unite their efforts. Those who speak out against stem cell research may be rooted in an admirable conviction about the sacredness of life, but so are the parents of a child with juvenile diabetes who are convinced that their son's or daughter's hardships can be relieved.

The question, then _ the question then is how do we work through these conflicts? Is it possible for us to join hands in common effort? As citizens of a vibrant and varied democracy, how do we engage in vigorous debate? How does each of us remain firm in our principles, and fight for what we consider right, without, as Father John said, demonizing those with just as strongly held convictions on the other side?”

Given the recent kerfuffle over interrogation tactics, definitions of torture, the leaking of the identities of field interrogators, the refusal to declassify memos detailing the possible success of such techniques and the President’s willingness to consider releasing photos of actual interrogations, what is the soldier to make of his comparison with the lawyer? The President has made it clear he is at odds with the methods employed to keep pour country safe over the last eight years. He has sent a clear message that the saving of thousands of lives, by tactics which are used to train our own troops, is wrong and immoral; though it was not immoral for Democratic party leaders in 2002. Viewing the world through his political prism, he has given clear sign that he is of a mind to resolve this conflict between lawyers and soldiers, but it is unambiguous who will lose this contest as political leaders call for torture hearings. The spread of AIDS in the gay community is the result of one thing…promiscuity. The evangelical pastor views promiscuity as immoral. The gay activist views this behavior, assumedly, as acceptable. The evangelical pastor will never accept this behavior as moral. The evangelical pastor will, however, love the sinner while hating the sin. The pastor would not deny AIDS victims AIDS medications. He might ask that the AIDS activist honestly report that the use of condoms, allowing said continued promiscuous activity, has not diminished the AIDS epidemic here or in Africa. Abstinence has. There is no cure on the horizon for juvenile diabetes with embryonic stem cells, but that’s OK. There have been series of juvenile diabetes cases cured with use of their own or adult stem cells.

It is disingenuous to introduce these political footballs as indicators of our inability to engage in meaningful, vigorous debate and resolve conflicts in a common effort. For many who have not reached the postmodern evolutionary stage required for the pragmatic Alinsky acolyte, there remains, in some matters, truth. The President asks for us to join hands in a common effort. Unfortunately for conservatives, such an invitation always means the sacrifice of conservative principles. It never entails the limitation or modification of liberal dogma. The abortion issue, as discussed by President Obama, is framed as one in which there is disagreement, equal moral concern but nevertheless the opportunity for all to agree to a commitment to reduce the use of abortion.

For those of us who believe abortion is the killing of a child, this is not completely satisfactory but it something certainly worth striving for. Unfortunately, the President’s past and recent history make the sincerity of this proposition impossible to accept. President Obama, was unwilling to support the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, has supported all forms of abortion including partial birth abortion, and has named one of the most ardent abortion supporters in the country to head the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Secretary Sibelius, as Governor of Kansas, received thousands of dollars of questionably legal contributions from one of the most notorious partial birth abortionists in the country. In addition he has told Planned Parenthood that a priority for his administration will be passing the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) which will dramatically reduce existing regulations related to abortion, including limiting the ability of providers to object to participating in abortion services based on conscience.

Regarding the latter, today the President stated, “Let's honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion, and draft a sensible conscience clause, and make sure that all of our health care policies are grounded not only in sound science, but also in clear ethics, as well as respect for the equality of women." Awful big of the President to respect the conscience of pro-life health care workers and offer the possibility that he might consider a clause that accommodates such beliefs.

Who can blame the President for taking up the offer of Father Jenkins and the other useful idiots at Notre Dame to address a student body increasingly divorced from the University's suppossed Catholic heritage. Notre Dame long ago abandoned any of the underpinnings of a true Catholic University. The appearance of the President today continues the great Notre Dame tradition of undermining the Catholic faith by providing a national stage for yet another politician to instruct American Catholics and the Catholic Church on what it means to be Catholic. The President’s references to “Fr. Ted” and Cardinal Bernadin harkens back to a dark day twenty five years when a previous pro-abortion and Catholic politician, Mario Cuomo, appeared on the Notre Dame stage at the behest of Father Hesburgh. Then Governor Cuomo educated us all on the unique requirement for politicians, seemingly specifically Catholic politicians, to check their religious principles at the door in considering affairs of state. Gov. Cuomo also referenced Cardinal Bernadin and his seamless garment of social justice for the Catholic Church, a garment in which abortion was equal to issues related to homelessness, nuclear weapons, immigration and the death penalty.

The President used his speech today to attempt to isolate believers in the Catholic faith, who are by definition pro-life, as the irreconcilable element in the abortion conversation. The President knows that 54% of “Catholics” supported him in the election. He understands the seamless garment tradition of moral equivalence on “life” and social justice issues established by Cardinal Bernadin, formalized by Mario Cuomo at Notre Dame in 1984, and which has provided cover for too numerous to count Catholic politicians since. As far as the the Catholic Church goes, there is one mission, isolate and polarize. As Alinsky said, “The despair is there; now it's up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent.” Bravo Mr. President. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

There is some hope for Catholics but the light is as dim as an Al Gore compact flourescent bulb. Nationally, USCCB policy stands in opposition to the Obama speech today. In addition 74 bishops came out in opposition to the Obama appearance at Notre Dame. The only hope for Catholics at Notre Dame is that Father Jenkins might develop the same enthusiasm for the Magesterium that he has for the most pro-abortion President in our history and the Vagina Monologues.

Quaere Verum

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Country's Divide

If you watch television, listen to radio or read a newspaper you quickly understand that there are two polar opposite views of the direction this country is taking. It could be argued that this has been brewing since the 60's when as a country we decided that what was more important then the family is the individual. And actually that would be the individual that agreed with liberal view points and not the old fashioned non-progressive standard bearing person. I think that once the courts said a baby in the womb can have its skull punctured at the whim of the mother our nations nucleus began to fall apart.

Abortion is another topic but its interesting to look at today's problems and ask questions like what people are in jail and why? Why are our children's education behind other country's? Why are so many people in debt beyond reasonable? Why do 50% of American not pay taxes? I believe the answer lies in the family. Once we diminished the importance of a two parent mother and father family, blurring each ones roles and taking away the parents right to parent along with the self centered mandates handed down by legislatures we began the fast track to self destruction.
So where are we right now? I see two completely different teams that are currently choosing up sides. One I will call the revolutionists. The strategy for this team is to get back to basics such as downsizing homes, purchasing guns, growing gardens, homeschooling, anything that will make them less dependent on the government and more self sufficient.

The other team I will name the progressives. Their game plan is of an aggressive nature, to isolate each player of the opposing team by demonizing them either as greedy companies, religious extremists, or red necked mountain people who cling to their guns. Their intent is to make the other team provide for all their desires.

Each team will not allow for moderation. You cannot be a member of the revolutionists or the progressives without being fully committed to how the game will be played. And don't think you can sit this game out. Oh no, one thing each team can agree on is if you don't want to play ball your the first one who gets his ass kicked.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stay At Home Dads

A renewed craze in the media today is the highlight of stay at homes dads. Being portrayed as fine men who because of the current economic circumstances and losing their jobs have elected to take on the role of Mr. Mom. Pictures of them changing diapers, joining 'dads who stay at home' meet up's and the theme of just enjoying their new life tending to their infants. The intent being as we look at these metro-sexual guys in their new found role as something as a natural advancement to the majority of neanderthal like men currently corrupting our families.

Well the reality is these males are exactly what is destroying the fabric of our society and corrupting the culture that has survived for millennium. I am all for tending to your family but not as a mother but as a father. The United States has become a place where boys have role models that prefer to shop for the finest cheese or listen to Abba rather then those who stand for teaching discipline, chivalry, strength, and duty. The feminist Nazi's have infiltrated into our society that a man being a woman is just fine. In fact, if a woman can become a man then utopia has been reached.

I am giving a shout out to those guys who have had a brief lapse in their judgement, perhaps may have even considered a thong as comfortable to quickly grab an employed buddy, preferably one who enjoys sports or hunting and go have a cigar at a local tavern and ask him how the hell you can get out of your state of femininity you are in and rejoin the kinship of brotherhood.

Swine Terror

I have a great idea! Since we can no longer use effective methods to interrogate terrorists per President Obama's order... And our news and government have us hiding in terror from the terrifying Swine Flu... we need to get creative.

With swine flu running rampant throught the states we need only allow our interrogaters to COUGH in the presence of the detainees. Let the dangers of H1N1 work its natural wonders.

A bonus by-product of this strategy would be the required quarantine of all the detainees-effectively extending the life of holding camps like GITMO.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dumbing Down Torture

Dear Mr. President,

In what appears to be your weekly prime time event Sir, you educated us all on waterboarding. "What I have said, and I will repeat, is that waterboarding violates our ideals and our values," Mr. Obama said. "I do believe that it is torture. I do not think that is just my opinion; that is the opinion of many who have examined the topic. And that is why I put an end to these practices."

A few questions Mr. President:

1. We annually waterboard thousands of our own troops in training. The techniques and limits we use in training are the same as those that have been applied to captured jihadists whose mission is to kill innocent Americans en masse. Waterboarding is uncomfortable and can be terrifying for some, but is conducted in a manner in which there is never a risk of death, disfigurement, injury or scars. Can this truly be called torture?

2. It sounds like we are banning waterboarding of captured jihadists Sir. Will we continue to waterboard American troops in training?

3. While you direct the traitorous Kabuki dance over defining torture Sir, could you remind Americans of your outrage over the deaths of PFC Kristian Menchaca and PFC Thomas Tucker? We missed it. These brave American infantrymen were captured defending a forward outpost near the town of Youssifiyah, south of Baghdad, in 2006. A week later their mutilated, defiled and beheaded bodies were discovered. The maiming included eyes being gouged out as well as genital mutilation. Well, that was an unfortunate case. Perhaps Mr. President you might reference your fury over the ambush of American contractors in Fallujah in 2004. Their vehicle was riddled with bullets. It is unclear whether the contractors were alive or dead at that point but they were dragged from their vehicle. Their bodies were then burned, hacked, mutilated and then two of the charred bodies were hung from a bridge across the Euphrates.

If waterboarding is torture Mr. President, what term of the lexicon describes this savagery? Do you seriously believe demonic Jihaidsts have been pushed to this point because we waterboarded three high value Jihadi operatives? Are you actually suggesting that enemies bent on our destruction, who kill indiscriminately, derive their motivation from our use of waterboarding vice sleep deprivation or 6 hours in a cell with a life insurance salesman as an enhanced interrogation technique?

4. In your weekly prime time event Sir, you commented on abortion:

"I think that those who are pro-choice make a mistake when they - if they suggest - and I don't want to create straw men here, but I think there are some who suggest that this is simply an issue about women's freedom and that there's no other considerations. I think, look, this is an issue that people have to wrestle with and families and individual women have to wrestle with," Obama continued.

Let me see if I have this right. Waterboarding, a procedure designed to produce transient fear and discomfort with no risk of death, which may lead to the reporting of vital information which could save hundreds or thousands of lives, is “torture”. Abortion is a procedure which sentences an unborn infant to death. It is occasionally preceded by stabbing a needle through the unborn infants chest into the heart to administer potassium chloride, dismemberment, excruciating pain, and in the case of older unborns a scissors is jammed through the infants skull and the brain suctioned out prior to delivery. This procedure is not torture but, "is a moral issue and an ethical issue." Thank you Sir, that clarifies things a bit.

Sir, would it be possible that you consider the following: How about we keep waterboarding safe, legal and rare and we call abortion torture?

5. It seems to me that there is much commonality between the fate of the American soldier captured by Jihadists and an unborn infant whose mother has entered a Planned Parenthood Clinic. Conversely, murderous Jihadists know they will never be killed and that there are strict rules of engagement which cover even the laughable practice of waterboarding. The Isalmofascist monsters we face have witnessed the angst caused by an Abu Ghraib and the silence over the barbaric murders of fallen American heroes. The enemy knows that the American liberal majority is so self-loathing of America that words do not even exist to describe the tactics they employ in attempting to obtain information or simply defile American service men and women.

President Obama, is torture, narrowly and ludicrously defined by you to include methods which manipulate fear and anxiety, something only Americans are capable of committing? The rationale that ending waterboarding will improve treatment of our troops when captured by the enemy, now primarily rogue nations and non-state actors, induces laughter amongst American troops. Every American soldier knows he or she would rather die than be captured by our enemies in the bad war in Iraq or the good war now in Afghanistan.

6. You have released memos detailing enhanced interrogation techniques rarely used by American interrogators on high value Jihadi leaders. What actually resulted from these interrogations Sir? Is it true that information obtained from Khalid Sheik Mohammad averted attacks on Los Angeles and the Brooklyn Bridge? Will you declassify the memos that detail the information obtained during these waterboarding sessions?

7. Sir, please instruct your staff to stop intermingling the rights of American citizens and the Geneva Convention into discussions related to the three Al Qaeda members waterboarded. These individuals were not uniformed combatants, are not American citizens and have no right to the protections offered by the Geneva Convention or the Constitution.

Congratulations sir. The memories of PFCs Tucker and Menchaca, brutalized as they experienced real torture and gave their lives for their country, are banished as we ring our hands over KSM taking a bath. Another generation of Americans would be ashamed, but instead we celebrate our commitment to "our ideals and values". We have abetted one more victory our enemies could never have achieved on their own. Your deft manipulation of the self-loathing and suicidal tendencies of the Western left, while serving your immediate political purposes, has set a course for crisis which even Joe Biden's formidable imagination is incapable of comprehending.

Quaere Verum